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Membership Terms and Conditions

The following are the detailed objectives and membership clauses from the registered rules of Friends of Porirua Hospital Museum Inc.

  1. The society shall consist of members, each person being a person or body corporate of any kind interested in the objects of the society.
  2. Persons shall be eligible for membership of the society who:subscribe to the objects of the Society, and have membership confirmed by the Management Committee; and:register their interest above with the secretary by providing their name, postal address, telephone number and any other contact information, together with any specific contribution they wish to make in support of their interest in the museum.
  3. The membership of the society shall consist of the following classes:
    • ordinary members – full membership rights open to the public at large on three yearly registration of their interest as above,
    • advisory members – appointed by the committee for a specific purpose or length of time,
    • life members – may be appointed by the AGM in recognition of exceptional service;Corporate supporters – registered companies appointed by sponsorship agreement with the committee
    • affiliated bodies or organisations – may be recognised, on application to the Committee, on the basis of shared interests.
  4. Ablility to set a membership levy may be set by a special general meeting by two thirds of members agreement, in order to meet future obligations of the society,
  5. The names of the officers of the society to be public information,
  6. The name of an advisory member is public information only with the unanimous consent of the committee and of the advisory member
  7. The names of corporate supporters are made public only as set out in their sponsorship agreement.
  8. The society is bound by the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993.
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