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The Museum Building

Heritage Status

The building is registered category I with the New Zealand Historic Places Trust (NZHPT), register number 7444, registered on 28 May, 1999, and described as “Mental Health Museum, Porirua Hospital.

The building is listed with the Porirua City Council (2008).

Address, Legal Description and Ownership Details

24 Upper Main Drive,
Porirua Hospital, P O Box 50-264,

The legal title is: Appellation-SEC1 SO 37151, Certificate of Title -WN44A/111. The Museum is in part of the overall title for Porirua Hospital, which is one title covering 56 hectares.

The owner is the Capital and Coast District Health Board and the Museum Trust has a lease on the building and land. The lease agreement states the following:

Ownership of the following structures and items may be transferred to the Lessee either during or at the expiry of the Lease.
The buildings formerly known as F Ward and Museum but excluding the East and West Wings not listed by the Historic Places Trust
The relocated Smoko Hut.
The Sun Shelter/Gazebo overlooking the former exercise yard.
The remains of the fence that originally enclosed the exercise yard.
The contents of the Museum including any artefacts, equipment, photographs, books, registers and or other material currently on display or stored elsewhere within the complex.
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