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People who run the Museum

Friends of Porirua Hospital Museum Inc (FPHM)

To ensure the continued survival and ongoing management of the Porirua Hospital Museum in the immediate future and to promote its further development as a place for recording the past and responding to new material, fresh insights, identified needs for information/education and helping to shape a better future for people with mental and other health problems through:

  • provision of informative and educational displays for the general public and for students in health and relevant services at all levels;
  • maintenance, as far as possible, of the Porirua Hospital Museum buildings and the site on which they stand.
  • maintenance of relationships with the Porirua City Council, local Iwi, Museum of NZ, other relevant museums, and health agencies including the Ministry of Health in the pursuit of these objectives;
  • depiction of the history of mental health services locally, in NZ and internationally;
  • presentation of history of the hospital, and its antecedents, and its place in the development of Porirua City;
  • collection, preservation and presentation of materials of relevance to past history and present developments in mental health services;
  • access to information about key developments in mental health;
  • promotion of understanding of mental health and services for those with mental illness and disability including reassurance, reduction of stigmatisation;
  • provision of information for the purposes of research;

Porirua Hospital Museum and Research Centre Trust (PHMRCT)

The Porirua Hospital Museum and Research Centre Trust was founded in 2006 by Trust Deed. The Trust Deed is publicly available Here

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